Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christina Hendricks 10 Years Ago!

Joannie herself on an episode of Undressed from 1999. I used to watch this show ALL THE TIME. This was only one year before I would become a huge Christina fan thanks to Showtime's Beggars and Choosers.


Mel Got Served said...

I like that in that preview my biggest reaction was, "Proto Zoa from Zenon Girl of the 21st Century!!"

Lyss said...

AMAZING! I remember being OBSESSSSED with Undressed! But I was always clutching the remote control when watching in case mom came into the room and I had to immediately switch to the weather channel. How do I tweet this article!? @elyssacady

EruditeChick said...

Lysssssss bienvenue the glories of twitter. Just right click copy and paste the URL. If you use tweetdeck, it'll automatically tinyurl it. If not, you can go to tinyurl, put the url in, and it'll give you an itty bitty one to put in your tweet so it doesn't use up all your characters.