Monday, November 23, 2009

All Things Fangirl Holiday Gift Guide

Well it's that time of year again! Where I buy people presents and they buy me presents and everyone is happy.

Over the past few weeks I've seen a bunch on shit on the Internets that I am dying to own, so I thought I'd share them with you guys in the hopes that (either you buy them for me, or) they turn out to be the perfect gift for someone you know this holiday season.

So, without further ado!

Super. Emo. Harley Quinn.

I am a huge Harley Quinn fan and do not have NEARLY enough HQ stuff on my Geek Shelf. She is one of my all time favorite characters. Created by the glorious Paul Dini for the Batman Animated Series, she isn't even from the comic books, but is so effing cool, that she's part of the official Batman canon anyway. That's not easy to do. I want this art print on my Geek Shelf so bad it HURTS MY SOUL. Oh. There was only one left. So I bought it. Oops. $20 well spent.

See other Super Emo limited edition art prints here and while you're at it, buy Eruditechick an Emo Rogue.

More gifts after the jump!


It's a Dug. Who talks. JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIE OMG. I have a talking Boo doll from Monster's Inc that I love ever so much, and it seems appropriate that the other talking inanimate object I possess and regularly play with should also be from a Pete Docter movie. And only $16.50?!?! WANT.

Buy it for me here

Where the Wild Things Are Notebooks

I love Where the Wild Things Are and I LOVE MAX and I love small notepads. These lovely items are only 4 bucks each so if you are looking for a cheap, but awesome & meaningful purchase for a wild thing, this is the way to go.

Buy them here.

The Office Manager shirt

Cause I love me some Joany! Ranging from $15-$22 and available in various materials, colors & sizes, this is a great gift for that Mad Men fan who thinks Joan is the cat's meow. Yeah, I just said cat's meow. And I MEANT IT. Thanks to @manostorgo for the tip.

Buy it here

Tina Fey Is God Tote Bag

While I don't think I have the balls to walk around sporting this clever tote, if you know anyone who does, 25 bucks is a fine price to pay to make someone's jaw drop to the floor with joy & utter disbelief. I mean, what a strange, strange item. A must-have for any 30 Rock lover familiar with iconic 60s graffiti.

Buy it here.

Favorite Director Coaster Series

I'm OBSESSED with these. I want a set. Please. I'll take Spike Jonze, Quentin Tarantino and some combination of Wes Anderson (You won me over with Fantastic Mr Fox, Wes), The Coen Brothers, Woody Allen & Martin Scorsese. I mean. HOW. COOL. ARE. THESE. A complete set is 48 bucks, so this gift isn't exactly on the cheap side, but DAMN is it cool.

Buy them for me here

Anything by Brandon Bird

This guy is a genius. Head to his site and try to tell me I'm wrong. Both last year and this year I've purchased xmas presents from this artist, because he is simply awesome. I mean, look at those. LOOK AT THEM. And these are just the tip of the iceberg. Most drawings are available in shirt or print form and most of the paintings are available for purchase as art prints. If you really wanna throw down, you might even be able to snag an original. (While we're at it, let's put together an art show featuring Bird, M.S. Corley, Tyler Scout and Brandon Schaefer, Tom Whalen, and Olly Moss, shall we?)

Buy Bird's work here

As we get closer to the holidays, another gift guide may appear, but for now, I hope this has been helpful!


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I love Brandon Bird! See?

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