Sunday, August 15, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Panel from Comic-Con 2010

Here is most of the Scott Pilgrim panel for you, from Comic-Con 2010! Fun panel, great moments. Pilgrim had an amazing showing at Comic-Con and won over the entire geek market & their friends. It may have not reached beyond that yet (small drop off next weekend?! word of mouth?! possible?!), resulting in all of us being in a state of fret, so I thought I'd post this so we can all feel a little bit better! Pilgrim may not be as mainstream as we hoped, but I have no doubt it'll go down in history as a beloved cult film, if nothing else.

Opening - Brandon Routh on Superman vs Todd Ingram
:37 - Is Michael Cera afraid of being type cast?
1:08 - Did Ellen & Alison make out in the movie? Will they now?! Answered by Alison Pill
1:40 - What brought Edgar to this project, based on a graphic novel
2:36 - What was Michael's favorite part of being in Scott Pilgrim
3:25 - Michael on the Arrested Development movie
3:58 - Did the members of the cast like the source material? Answered by Jason Schwartzman & Aubrey Plaza
5:10 - What's it like pretending to be Canadian?
6:25 - Was Edgar inspired by fighting games for the fight scenes?
7:23 - What research did Michael do to prepare for this role?
8:40 - Jason says something sweet about Edgar :)
9:00 - Did the cast feel pressure being a part of the project? Answered by Mae Whitman & Satya Bhabha
9:40 - How did Ellen find getting into character for/playing Knives?

:20 - How did they not crack up on set and what is the funniest scene for each of them to film? Answered by everyone.
5:28 - The experience of shooting in Toronto and using Toronto as Toronto
6:48 - Hilarious moment of girl calling out Michael Cera for not getting in shape during Scott Pilgrim


Eleni said...

They're so awesome.

I saw the movie this weekend, and I loved it! I'm so sad that it didn't do better at the box office. My understanding is it's worlds better than the other two big openings of the weekend (Expendables and Eat Pray Love). Don't people have any taste? It's really better than most things out there right now, so as long as you've already seen Inception, it's the only movie this month really worth seeing.

Hopefully word of mouth will help it out. Long legs for this one, please?