Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Catch Up On Scott Pilgrim THIS WEEK! Now on iPad/iPhone!

Want to read all of Scott Pilgrim before the movie comes out this Friday, but can't get to the local comic book store/don't have a local comic book store/local comic book store is all sold out?

Never fear! Oni press and comiXology have come to the rescue by releasing all six Scott Pilgrim books on the iPad & the iPhone. I just downloaded the free app (search for Scott Pilgrim) and it's GORGEOUS. The first two chapters of volume one are available free and beyond that, the volumes are $6.99 for one through five and $11.99 for six.

I'm very much a believer in physically owning the comics you read, but the iPad REALLY helps when you are in a bind, like missing an issue that was never reprinted, or that you lent out before you got the chance to read it, or, as in this case, you only have a short time to read A LOT of material that you can't necessarily get your hands on tangibly at this point.

Comics look REALLY pretty on the iPad. Felicia Day and I totally had a chat about it at Comic-Con. That is all.