Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Just Ate IN A Bioshock Level

I mean, listen. I don't get easily frightened by Japanese restaurants. In fact, normally I find them to be quite pleasant and full of delicious nom noms. But tonight, ATFG token male (and new Cinematical rock star) @davidehrlich, took me to some place that may or may not begin with a K that was ACTUALLY FROM THE CITY OF RAPTURE. All that was missing was actually being underwater. Well, and I guess splicers trying to kill me would have been more fitting than live humans eating shumai, but life isn't perfect.

I decided to snap some photos of the location, so you could be as totally freaked out as I was.

If only I had been able to show you the inside of the bathrooms as well

Loooooong room

The other side of the loooooong room

Circus of fucking values

The music was just as creepy as you're hoping it was

Look at all the THINGS to explore! And the two splicers!

Counter to go behind and shit ton of alcohol to drink. Good thing I have that tonic that makes alcohol good for me instead of bad :)

What. The. FUCK. isthatinthatroom.

The sign leading to the restaurant and the zombies overlooking it...

The cotton candy machine. Okay, so this photo doesn't SCREAM Bioshock, but whatever, we got to make our own cotton candy, you're jealous

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Location:New York City, New York


Latchkey Kid said...

Is this actually in Japan? I have seen pictures of some amazing restaurants there. An Alice in Wonderland themed one, not to mention all the host clubs. Thanks for sharing.