Friday, August 6, 2010

The New King of Crushdom - In Which I Write An Article About A Cute Boy SHHHH

Note: this may be the most ridiculous thing you've ever read.

Something happened in the past couple years.


While many of us have understood the perfection of the man featured above since his days of pre-adolescent hilarity on 3rd Rock From The Sun, the majority of folks only realized recently that Joseph Gordon Levitt is an actor to be reckoned with whatsoever, let alone the most wondrous beauteous fellow in existence. Which he obviously is. From all that knowing him I've clearly experienced (Sidenote: I haven't), I know this to be true (Sidenote: I don't). He seems to be so totally sweet, funny, nice, talented, adorable and ATTAINABLE, for some god-forsaken season, so all of us have adopted him as our new #1 celebrity crush.

Over the course of the past few weeks (beginning w/ the opening of Inception), I keep noticing on Twitter, on Facebook, in life, more and more people naming JGL as their new love. I ask "who is your big celebrity crush?" and the answer is most often "Joseph Gordon Levitt", not to mention HE IS #1 ON IMDB'S STARMETER, a place which is reserved for people like Leo, RPatz & Marvel superheroes. Though Tom Hardy is #3, so granted, a bunch of this is all because of Inception, BUT STILL, OKAY?!

And the love is deep. The love is hard. The love is causing Facebook wars. Yes, that's right, 10-20 comment long status updates about who gets to marry JGL, that then cross over into Twitter and get even MORE people riled up about who is first in line. We all start arguing about who gets seniority, who gets to call the shots - "I've loved him since 500 Days!" "Since Brick!" Since Mysterious Skin!" "Since 10 Things I Hate About You!" "Since 3rd Rock From The Sun!" "Since Angels in the Outfield!" "Since he played Student #1 in Beethoven!" (<----- No one says that) And so on and so forth. It makes me wonder if when Leo started to hit it big - were there folks proclaiming, "I've been in it since Growing Pains, bitches!!"

But Leo never seemed reachable, he never seemed plausible as a real life love. But a think a little part of all of us seem to think we DO have a chance with JGL. He is single, he is young, he is open to meeting fellow artists & humans, he seems humble, he seems normal, if not slightly on the artsy side, he seems like someone you would sit down at a bar with and talk to until the sun came up. And despite being the #1 celebrity on IMDB and the name everyone throws out when discussing current celebrity crushes, something about him feels specifically our own, like, he is MY crush, not yours, not anyone else's. He has that personal connection to his audience that very few actors have. He seems like a find to everyone and anyone who watches him work. This is a rare and valuable quality.

I think I have to stop now, because there is only so much anyone can handle of a fangirl writing an entire article about a cute boy, but sometimes, it must be done, if only to capture a moment in time.

Tonight a friend told me she had a dream last night in which she and JGL were dating. My other friend and I responded to her "AUGH IM SO JEALOUS!" Because, as we all know now, what is a dream is real, what is real is a dream, it's all feels the same while it's happening, so experiencing dating JGL in a dream may be as real as it gets, so let's get on that, subconscious!

And now. JGL picspampron

Oh, and this is JGL opening for the band Old Springs Pike, a band that features someone I know, that  I've seen before...what are the odds...just stumbled across

Him being a badass

Sidenote: I loved GI Joe, which I think means I automatically win the war, right?


Castling said...

Greatest post in the history of ATFG. I like that you express how we don't just love him because he's cute. We think he's cute because he's talented and (appears to be) a kind person.

And I think I win the war because I seem less obsessed than everyone else. Like it's a casual crush to when I meet him I'll be able to act slightly normal instead of scaring him away.

EruditeChick said...

See, he doesn't do it for me. But that means I'm probably you're best friend, now, because no competition. Woohoo!

LoquaciousMuse said...

Uh oh, Eruditechick might end up winning him cause she DOESN'T care. OH NOES~! QUICK, LETS STOP LIKING HIM SO HE WILL LIKE US. Wait. Hrm.

Eleni said...

So adorable. Love him.

Hoping all this will give me pleasant dreams tonight

jjens said...

moviefone jocked you BIG TIME:

interesting because their tweets were almost identical to your's at sdcc as well. copy cat or coincidence??? i'd be pissed if i were you!!!

Ashley said...

I love him, too. You are not alone.

It hurts so good.

Unknown said...

awesome :)

Unknown said...

in an ironic twist, I ended up PA'ing on Premium Rush today. ha ha. I got within feet of both Joseph Gordon Levitt and Michael Shannon. it was an intense day of car chase stunts, but they both seemed nice. anyway, not an exciting story, but I thought it was funny.

Simon said...

How dare everyone move into my territory. I hate to be that guy, but since Roseanne, bitches.

(okay, I first saw him in Roseanne, than saw a picture of this dude on the interwebs, then saw his younger self, and thought "Holy fuck, I know him!". And such is life)

Nice argument, though...

Anne said...

I just love him.

He seems like a wonderful guy. So cute, but a bit too artsy for my tastes. I just have so much respect for his acting talents, and I wish him the best in getting the recognition he deserves awards wise.