Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Geeky Ringtones For You?

Because I said so

Tonight, @Brotodeau created an Inception ringtone and posted it on Twitter for all to download. This resulted in me downloading it. It was awesome. Afterwards, I got inspired and decided to experiment with my new droid and its ringtone capabilities. I don't know what the rules are for iphones and what not, but these will CERTAINLY work for a Droid or a Blackberry. Here they my geektastic experiments.

Battlestar - Violence & Variations (Lee/Kara) - Download

Battlestar - Roslin & Adama - Download

Lost - Life & Death - Download

True Blood - Hairclip (Bill/Sookie) - Download

Scott Pilgrim - 8 Bit Universal Theme (For @genjadeshade, whose idea it was!) - Download

Note for Droid owners - I sent the files to myself using Bluetooth, then set them to ringtones. Super easy that way. Actually, if there is any other way to get ringtones on the Droid from your computer...I don't know what they are.


Unknown said...

Thanks. Loved the 8bit theme.

Note that the phone platform is Android, not Droid. Just like the platform is Blackberry not Curve.

Todd Breeden said...

If you download the free app "Ringdroid" it allows you to cut any part out of any mp3 that's on your droid into a ring tone.

LoquaciousMuse said...

Thanks both of you! I don't know a damn thing about this phone I was forced to upgrade to, other than the fact that I think I finally like it. Didn't even realize Droid was the name of my phone and NOT the operating system. It all makes sense now, haha. And Ringdroid sounds like the best app ever downloading as we speak.

Ashley said...

I don't know about other Android phones, but mine can act as a USB drive, so I just transfer them with a USB cord.

Izo said...

Tip: "Chrome to Phone" extension for... well Google Chrome. After you install just right click on a download link and choose Chrome to Phone, that's it, your phone automatically downloads it.

It puts it in the generic download folder on you SD card so just create a new folder called "ringtones" or "notifications" and move it there (I use ASTRO file manager to do all that but I'm sure there are other good ones out there)

(just saw how old this post was but people may end up surfing here still so I'll still post this)

Tham93 said...

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