Sunday, August 2, 2009

Stay Tuned! Comic Con Wrap Up Coming Soon!

Hey readers!

Hope you were following david, Eruditechick and myself on Twitter during Comic Con and got enough live updates to satisfy your geekly needs. You may notice below a few live blogs we did of various panels. We were uber proud of ourselves about those until my computer stopped holding battery power...

Anyhoo, we are currently in the midst of putting together a Comic Con wrap up vidcast for our joint venture with our good friends Dave & Genevieve from Latino Review, The Ecstatic Truth. We had this amazing grand plan to get Comic Con videos up every night of the convention, but silly me didn't understand how to get footage on my computer. (Look, how was I supposed to know memory cards required Log & TRANSFER, not Log & Capture?!?! I haven't edited anything since high school! I'll fight you.)

In the meantime, check out our Comic Con gallery, currently filled with photos of the floor and some great on stage shots. More to be added soon, including uber exclusive backstage photos! We also snagged some interviews with the folks from Sherlock Holmes, Solomon Kane, The Prisoner, Iron Man 2 & Chuck, so expect those to appear in some sort of form over the next week as well.

The quick rundown?

Best footage: Kick Ass, Where the Wild Things Are, Iron Man 2 (though most everything blew my mind this year)
Best panels: Lost (8 million cast members, great clips & gave Bob Stencil a shirt!), Kevin Smith (finest form in years), Warner Brothers (great footage, great moderator & randomly hilarious talent - I'm looking at you, Josh Brolin & Gary Oldman = fantastic showing from WB)
Best party: EW, but Wrath of Con is a close second. If only we had gotten to spend more than an hour there...siiighhh...note to self, next year, get to parties we care about earlier than midnight...
Best screening: Mystery Team/Thirst. None of us saw D9. We did not love ***** ********
Best encounters, Muse edition: Eddie James Olmos, Drew Goddard, Derrick Comedy, BOB STENCIL
Best panel I missed that someone else (in this case Eruditechick) saw: Chuck
Best news from TV panels: DOLLHOUSE GUEST STARS

All for now. More coming soon! Promise! Thanks for being loyal, dear readers!