Monday, April 6, 2009

Last Week on All Things Fangirl

Another crazy week for us - but luckily, still got some posts up. Here's what we were talking about last week!

How & Why to see Alien Trespass - go see this movie, people! I love it and it makes my heart hurt when people don't support the little movie that could. Eee!

I posted the results of my Top Director poll on Twitter, including a list of all the snubs. P.S. you know who else got so snubbed, I didn't even remember they were snubbed? Sam Mendes. Yikes.


A guy who is more than little batty or putting on a show, professes his love for Robert Pattinson. It's awkward, it's disturbing, it's pretty funny

david discovers Nic Cage's Japanese commercials and loses his mind. They should have sent a poet, indeed.


I really want one of these Dharma Initiative ads framed. In a very serious way.

The greatest thing I've ever seen on the internet - CAT TOWN

A guy sings about his love for Battlestar (you'll wanna watch) and a shirt pays tribute to the brilliant David Goes to the Dentist in this Bunneh post

Eruditechick morphs Spike Spiegel with Lee Pace and the result is glory

American Idol

My pre-performing post with advice on what to sing

My pre-results show thoughts, predicting who will be going home