Tuesday, April 14, 2009

American Idol Cinema Week Predictions - 4/15/09

Quick thoughts on the performances - will update tomorrow with predictions! Also, I may be intoxicated right now, so please excuse any typos. Or any lack of sense.

Allison started us off on a predictable note, with I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing, but you know, I was actually okay hearing that song tonight with Allison singing it. She sounded great, she changed some parts up, and actually ended up one of my favorites of the evening.

Anoop probably delivered his best performance yet, singing tonight's second totally predictable song, Everything I Do (I Do It For You). But one that I love. So it's okay. Bryan Adams, swoon. What? That's not that weird. I still don't think he will or should ever have a shot at winning, but he was actually quite good this week. Not sure he took Tarantino's advice though...

Adam didn't sing what I wanted him to, which made me oddly sad, but he was still fantastic. I mean, his vocals rocked. Just can't help but be disappointed. He picked Born to Wild over Bowie, Queen, The Pixies, Radiohead! Oh well. Still awesome.

Matt sang Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman, a song I thought he might sing and AUGH he COULD have been awesome. Iiii don't know what happened. He added too many frills. Damnit. Okay, it was really not very good. I mean, the studio version will be awesome and I may download it. MATT. WHY? Please don't get home

Gokey was the Gokey yet again. Sang some crap from some crap, but meant it this time. Sounded nice, he was sincere, but, whatever, wasn't great, same ol' crap. WHY ARE THEY SO EASY ON HIM? Only difference between this week and every other week - Gokey meant what he was singing this time.

Kris sang a song I semi-suggested with Falling Slowly. Thought he could/should do something from Once, but suggested Lies, as it has way more range than any other song in the film. Even though I wasn't sure about Falling Slowly per se, I still thought he did a great job. Switched up some parts, made his own, was totally adorable, connected to it insanely, made me swoon. Loved it. Really curious as to what Simon would have said.

Lil doesn't know what she is doing at all. Go home already. This is really frustrating. It makes me sad, but she is just not good.


My bottom three: Lil, Danny, Matt (Sorry Matt!)

My prediction for the bottom three: Lil, Matt, Allison - I wanna say Lil, cause it should be here, but it may very well be Matt. I just hope not.

EW's bottom three: Danny, Allison, Lil

Dial Idol's bottom three: Kris, Matt, Allison (exCUSE ME?)