Tuesday, April 21, 2009


well, LQ is sitting on a runway in denver at the moment, so the illustrious responsibility of the pre-idol post falls onto my hebrew shoulders. interpret what that looks like at your pleasure. this isn't really my thing so much, but methinks i've caught every episode this season, as LQ wouldn't really have it any other way. so without further ado...

DISCO NIGHT! yay! everyone's favorite. i'd much prefer this over next week's BJORK night. sigh...


ALLISON - will be spunky, loud, and completely unremarkable.

MATT - will have a distracting thing on his forehead and be completely unremarkable. he will also be super-eliminated this week.

KRIS - will make you swoon... while being completely unremarkable on his way to the finals.

GOKEY - will be throaty and completely unremarkable.

LIL - will be... i've already forgotten what LIL is like. whatever, she's eliminated.

ANOOP - will be of indian descent. this much i know. oh, right, the other thing i know is that he'll be completely unremarkable.

ALEXIS - will be missed by me.

ADAM - will be fascinating, high-pitched, and fascinatingly high-pitched. oh, he will also flagrantly win this competition. they may even crown him tonight.

so, there ya have it. unique insight from ATF that should single-handedly make this your destination for all things American Idol. enjoy!

p.s. next tuesday's winner will clearly be me, as on that day criterion releases one of my very favorite films of all timez on blu-ray! huzzah!


LoquaciousMuse said...


also i love allison and quite like matt. i fight you.