Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So...The Theme Was Anything Popular?

Damn you Idol with your confusing everyone on the internets and making us speculate about a theme that wasn't even your theme. By the way, for the record, apparently it was "Top Downloads." Okay. Sure it was.

But even though the songs weren't the same, the advice I wrote up still applied, I think. Matt was too vanilla, he didn't soul anything up. It's kinda sad, cause he clearly doesn't wanna do soul all the time but...well...sorry Matt, you just don't sing rock well. It's weird, I know. Anoop didn't go tongue in cheek and it was awkward. Lil chose the wrong damn song AGAIN and Megan didn't pick Duffy/Adele/Winehouse, which means she is officially an idiot. Adam was awesome cause he is Adam and Kris went a completely different route, didn't do anything predictable or boring and was simply the Awesome. Scott didn't have to pick country cause he was allowed to pick a song he actually liked. Definitely his best performance but...still mediocre. Allison, sure the outfit was a bit much, but she didn't go the obvious route with song choice and she sounded AMAZING. HELLO JUDGES, ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION? Who did I forget? Danny? Oh yeah, he sang Rascal Flatts. SURPRISE. Shut up, Danny, I'm mad at you.

And now, from EW, who describes my take on the Allison business very well,

[On Allison] Oh, but yeah, if Kara, Randy, and Simon had focused on your No Doubt cover, they might've had to give you credit for breaking out your guitar and displaying a more vulnerable side to your vocals on the opening verse. Or how once again, you came pretty darn close to pitch perfection. Or that you picked a track that was actually written and recorded within the last two decades — and performed it with the kind of emotional gusto we've all come to expect, though hopefully not take for granted. For the record, I kind of dug Allison's hair tonight — it looked like the coolest possible mashup of Jem, Pebbles, and Missing Persons' Dale Bozzio — and while your dress was kind of shaped like a tent and looked like it had been stitched together using bespangled nightclub-admission bracelets, your intonation and delivery were (in the words of Paula) ''masterful and effortless.'' Too bad she said you were ''skating by'' to the finish line when I think she meant ''sailing through.'' Well, you can't win 'em all!

My personal bottom 3: Megan, Anoop Lil

Dial Idol's bottom 3: Megan, Allison, Anoop

EW Poll bottom 3: Megan, Scott, Matt

EW's Bottom 3: Megan, Matt, Lil

In conclusion, bye Megan! Let's hope Vote for the Worst doesn't pull through for you!