Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where to find us at Wondercon!

Some of the ATF team will be heading up & over to Wondercon this weekend for the very first time! Should be interesting to attend a convention where we don't know the ins & outs already. EruditeChick will be bringing us some interviews with the talent and we'll both be watching the big panels and reporting right to you! Keep an eye out for our Twitter page, which will be updated frequently throughout the weekend.

So where will we be? Here are the big panels we're attending!

6:00: WB Animation: Wonder Woman DVD Premiere
11:55: Secret Watchmen Screening!

11:30: Warner Bros: Watchmen (Zach, Dave & Cast!)
12:30: Summit: Astro Boy, Knowing
1:00: Overture: Pandorum (Ben Foster!)
1:30: Alien Trespass (Eric McCormack! Also I love this movie!)
2:00: Paramount: Star Trek (You'll have to wait and see - very special guest coming)
2:45: Focus: 9
3:30: Disney•Pixar: UP
4:30: Warner Bros.: Terminator Salvation (McG & some cast!)

1:15: Chuck (Zach Levi!)

And If we're still around,

4:00: Buffy: The Musical (Cause we know all the damn words)

It's gonna be a great weekend with great food, great talent and really shitty weather. WOOHOO!

Although it should be noted...where's Fox? I heard supposedly Mr. Jackman had to run off to another country after the Oscars, but...can someone explain to me ANY conceivable reason Fox thought it would be a bad idea to bring, oh I don't know, someone other than Hugh? Like maybe THE REST OF THE EFFING CAST??!!?!? THE NEW MUTANTS?!?!?! You have Ryan Reynolds, perfectly cast as Deadpool, who knows how to work a crowd, in your damn movie, and you're NOT BRINGING HIM TO A SINGLE CONVENTION?! Fox...I'm a little upset with you, not gonna lie. You are lucky the trailers make the movie look so fun. Cause we're in a fight. No Ryan Reynolds. Please.

Rant over.

P.S. Here's the info on the Watchmen screening

Three-day and Friday only members have an opportunity to receive a free pass to a special Friday, February 27, 11:55 PM IMAX screening of Watchmen courtesy of WonderCon & Warner Bros.!

Drawing will be held at WonderCon, Friday, February 27 only. Members (3-day and Friday only) will draw a ticket for the opportunity to receive a free pass, while supplies last.

Go to the WonderCon Boutique Booth (#242) for a chance to win from 5:00-7:00 PM.

See you there!