Friday, February 20, 2009

Watchmen Round-Up 2/20/09

Shit. They're not playing around.

It's only 1pm PST and already a host of new Watchmen tidbits are floating around the interwebs. Let it begin.

1. New Watchmen Viral Video

Holy crap this is cool. IT'S JUST SO COOL AND WEIRD. It's a Veidt Music Network (VMN) special from 1983 and it really feels like an old MTV bit. Cracks me up. There are also a couple clips from the opening credits in there :). Love it.

2. Watchmen Trailer Recreated with Motion Comic

What I love about this is how much it actually matches the trailer. I know people have differing opinions on Snyder recreating the exact frames from the graphic novel, on this very blog in fact!, but I think it's awesome. And this video demonstrates just how close he gets it.

3. Good Reviews

You've heard a lot of about negative reviews on this site, but that's about to change. As it turns out, the fanboys are flipping for the film, and hopefully that's what I'll be doing too. Here are some choice phrases, courtesy of Slashfilm.

Wil Wheaton: “It’s the best movie inspired by a graphic novel that I’ve ever seen.” … “Watchmen is faithful to the book. It respects the book. I swear by the beard of Zeus, it feels like the book. Yes, there are some cuts, but they serve the release and don’t disrupt or betray the narrative at all.” … “I can’t think of a better, more faithful, graphic novel adaptation, ever. Nothing else even comes close.”

Ain’t It Cool News reader Ramses II: “Yes, it’s long but yes it’s extremely faithful to the graphic novel, to the point that the sex and violence is almost HARSHER than I remember it being in the comic.” … “a huge, beautiful, angry, dirty, faithful, sigh of relief of a film.”

Latino Review reader Bentley Mustafa: “I have to say Snyder knocked this one out of the park...I knew there was going to be some slo-mo, but I didn’t think he overdid it. All in all, fans of the book are going to more than pleased with the film.”

Andrew Fenton on AdelaideNow: “It lives up to the hype, it’s faithful and doesn’t wimp out on any of the things you’d expect it might.”

GeekTyrant: “a Watchmen fan’s wet dream.” … “I truly enjoyed every second of the film. It was two hours and forty-five minutes of balls out awesomeness. For me the movie didn’t feel that long at all, the time just flew by.” … “The action in the film was freakin breathtaking, the fight scenes were choreographed extremely well and brutal as all hell.” … “The acting in the film was marvelous!” … “I think fans of the graphic novel are going to appreciate the film more than those that have not read it yet”

DoorQ: “It’s fucking awesome.” … “[Watchmen] was considered too violent for mainstream audiences. Too dense. Too verbose. Snyder took that story…and he fucking nailed it.”

And can we all take a moment to commend Warner Brother's for just being awesome? For all these treats for the fans? The clips, the photos, the viral videos (which I don't think help bring in more money, but are just awesome for the fans), the screenings, the Q&As, the convention appearences, etc? THIS is how you market a genre film and I love it. Star Trek, take some lessons.