Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Free Play: Double Feature

I'm introducing a regular feature, if you will, to ATF...because I can. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Free Play, in which I point you towards amazing games that you can find online for free to waste occupy your time. I'll also indicate approximately how much time you will probably spend playing each game. This first entry shall start with a [BOOM] double feature! Music puzzler Auditorium and tongue-in-cheek indie game You Have to Burn the Rope.

Check out the games AFTER THE JUMP!

A feast for your eyes and ears, this simple puzzler has you dragging icons around to redirect the flow of sound to get music to play. Easy to learn and terribly addictive.
Created By: Dain Saint and William Stallwood
How Addictive: 5/5 (Time Vortex)

You Have to Burn the Rope
Not so much a new game experience as it is a commentary on a classic style. You'll only need to play it once (2 minutes) to get to the real treat (and point) - the credits. Make sure you watch them!
Created By: Kain Bashiri
How Addictive: 1/5 (A Charming Amusement)


david said...

i am so effing good at this game.

Unknown said...

...and, now, not even having played the game today, I have the song stuck in my head.

That's okay, it's a cool song. I'm down with it.

david said...

auditorium was super fun until they wanted my money! how dare they expect compensation for their hard work!