Monday, October 19, 2009

Shout out to Robin!


Robin has been the first to figure out where I pulled the name "Konoko" from: Oni, the 2001 3rd person action game developed by Bungie West, and published by Rockstar Games (PS2); Gathering of Developers (Windows); MacSoft (Mac OS in North America) and Feral Interactive (Mac OS, worldwide).

Oni has massive array of guns, hand to hand combat, AND a strong female lead. It was/is a cool game. Check it out is you don't own t already.

Now who will figure out the "Bailey" reference?!? Here's a hint. The name "Bailey" is apart of video game history...or should I say HERstory.
Until next time...


dryerase said...

Oh come on, this is the easy one(But I'll take it)! Justin Bailey is a continue code from Metroid to play as Samus without her powersuit! I expect a Narpas Sword as a reward ;)

Konoko Bailey said...

@ Dryerase
Nope, nice try though. While Justin Bailey does refer to the Metroid code that allows players to play as Samus without her Power Suit...that was the the "Bailey" I am speaking of.

Here's another hint:
Think about the early 1980's