Wednesday, October 21, 2009

90210 Semi-Live Blogging "Unmasked"

I'm so tired and just realized I never posted my 90210 Live Blog from last week and it's on my other computer. Siiiigh.

But let's begin!

Season 2 Episode 7

Some surfer chick who looks 35 dents Liam's car!

Although he already has more chemistry with her than he EVER did with Naomi. I'm liking where this is going already.

Naomi is talking this whole "date the dean's son" thing quite far, isn't she? Hot College Guy invites Naomi to a party. She wants to drink out of red plastic cups, not watch environmentalist movies. Poor Naomi. Life is so difficult for Beverly Hills teens with hot bods.

Baby Face Young Boy and Pretty Statutory Rapist are still dating. AGAIN, I ask, WHY ARE YOU WITH A 17 YEAR OLD?! You are 26. This continues to be gross. Look. He is a baby!

Pretty Statutory Rapist makes a Dawson's Creek reference that Dixon doesn't get. I approve. Too young to know what Dawson's Creek is = too young to date. That was clever, 90210, not gonna lie.

Debbie gets mad at the principal cause she thinks Kelly likes him. Does she? And does he really have secret feelings for Kelly? I mean, really? I'm not sure I buy that. Not that I wouldn't mind an affair. That's what these shows are about, right?

"Very saavy pot smokers out there!" Right on, Debbie!

The rest after the jump!

Silver? Snooooze. Bathroom break.

Who is that surfer? Is that Surfer Chick? Looked like a guy from far away. But we're gonna go ahead and pretend it's her? Well, okay then.

It's Surfer Chick who hit Liam in the water? Who would have thunk it! Oh, me. And probably everyone else watching the show.

Cut to Annie & Creepy mid-kiss. I don't remember them kissing last that Annie and Creepy's first kiss on screen? Did we miss their first kiss? I'm so confused. Also, still don't know if he is evil or not. I like him! I don't want him to be evil. Bah.

Liam and Surfer Chick are so gonna do it

Surfer Chick pulls the girl period card and makes Liam feel stupid. She is kinda cool, despite looking kinda weird & kinda old. Like most of the people on this show.

Hot College Guy knows Naomi's soul already, based on one conversation, how sweet.

Cuts to Hot College Guy & Naomi sitting in the stands on a football field. What? Where are they? What school is this supposed to be? And how did they get in?

Awwww, now I like Hot College Guy! He is all sexy when he's vulnerable and wanting to kiss the typical hot chick. At least it makes sense that he would like the typical hot chick, whereas it made zero sense with Liam, who actually has a brain, supposedly.

This episode is kind of sexy! I never thought that would happen.

Are Annie and Dixon still hating each other? Seems so. Annie, Jasper DOES seem a little sketchy. I mean, I hope he isn't just as much as you do, but...he's...definitely...sketch

But yes! Dixon is WAY more sketchy. Stop it Dixon.

In what universe does Naomi think dating the dean's son will get her into this school? I'm with Adrianna.

Good to know with the state of California's education budget that Beverly Hills High went light on the Halloween decorations this year...Yes, I'm being facetious

Dixon looks 12. Pretty Statutory Rapist is not sexually attracted to him, okay? The end.

Principal Hottie is having lunch with Kelly cause Kelly's mom has cancer and she is sad. But he decided to lie to his wife about it. So naturally she will walk in in T minus 5 4 3

There she is!

He shouldn't have lied to her. Silly silly silly.

Hey, this guy playing a college student on this commercial was just kissing Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl!

Do high schools actually have surf teams? Cause I really don't think they do. Especially not Beverly Hills High. Which is nowhere near the ocean.

Surfer Chick & Liam are partners. Of course they are.

Oh hai stunt double surfers everywhere!

Silver's storyline is booooo-ringggg blah blah blah don't care

Surfer chick is totally playing Liam in the water so he loses, isn't she? What a whore.

Dixon goes to meet his Pretty Rapist at 6pm like they planned. Except at 6pm in LA, around Halloween, it wouldn't be so damn bright outside

Rapist should have realized their relationship is a big fat epic fail before he did. Come on.

Sasha, he's 17, get OVER it

I love it when TV characters dress in costume for Halloween. Woot! Even though all the costumes are completely unoriginal and they mostly look like idiots. See below.

Teddy asks if Dixon and Rapist are gonna have "Hot makeup sex" You're a JUNIOR in HIGH SCHOOL. Stop pretending you know what hot makeup sex is.

"Sexual Judas" is the name of David's new band he just decided.


Everyone keeps thinking Liam is dressed as a Jonas Brother or R Patz. He is in fact dressed as nothing. He's just hot.

David thinks Surfer Chick is a "fox" but agrees that she definitely looks like she's in her 30s

This scene between Liam & Surfer Chick will conclude with surfer sex. Or, okay, a surfer competition.

The people surfing? Totally not either Liam or Surfer Chick. I mean, it MIGHT be her. But I doubt it.

Jasper reminds me of Peter Laurie

Jasper, stop being creepy! Be normal! Give loner kids a good name!

Jasper wants Annie to steal a car for his "movie." Annie can't fall for this, come on.

"She just dropped an O-bomb" - David re Debbie saying "Obtuse" to describe how dumb Hot Principal is for not realizing Kelly likes him.

Teddy is there cause he wants to do you, Silver

Oh and his mom died too, okay, but he's still goofy looking

"So perceptive! Fuck him!" - David re: Silver & Teddy's conversation

Where did Teddy's eyeliner go?

Naomi walks in on Surfer & Liam flirting. That's what you get Naomi! Liam is so hot.

Jasper, what are you doooiiiinnnngggggggggg filming Annie stealing a car, why are you creeeppyy ughhhh

The steering wheel was on the wrong side of the car. In California? Is that even legal?

Kelly toootttally has a crush on Hot Principal cause he is older and hot and he tottalllyyy has a crush on herrrr sexinn everyone's sexxinn.

P.S. I'm totally over Controlling Navid. Adrianna should be too.

Hot College Guy comes to the high school party. He & Naomi are totally gonna do it.

Naomi broke up with Richard? Okay then. I like it when Naomi realizes she has to be smart to go to college. Good for you Naomi.

Silver & Teddy are playing tennis on a roof. For some reason.

They're gonna do it. Everyone's gonna do it.

Rapist tells Dixon she is pregnant. THAT'S a different kind of teenage pregnancy


Lisa said...

How much do I love your commentary on this show! How is it possible that Annie is so good at ruining her own life?

Garrett said...

Surfer Chick is Gillian Zinser, NYU Alum. Lived at Hayden freshman year. We were good friends.

She's not 35. She's 24.

LoquaciousMuse said...

I thought she looked familiar!! And 35 on 90210 means 25, just upped for emphasis :). No one on that show looks remotely like they are in high school except for Dixon, who was the one supposedly passing for his mid-20s. Absurd.

And without knowing she was friends with you or in our dorm freshman year, she totally grew on me by the end of the episode. She & Matt Lanter actually have chemistry, a first time thing for 90210!