Monday, May 11, 2009

Poor Chris Pine Thinks Fans Hate Him [Clip]

Remember how yesterday, this site developed a comedy theme? Looks like today a Star Trek theme is forming! I don't know why. Just the way it is.

So. On to actual post. A friend of mine (and very cool lady) who is also friends with Chris Pine mentioned to me after Wondercon that Pine thought the fans hated him. Since finding out this information I've wondered and wondered what could have possibly made him think that. From my perspective, the crowd loved him and he, Quinto & Saldana were all hits.

On Jimmy Kimmel last night, Pine actually talked about Wondercon and went into why (he thought) the fans hated him. I stand by the fact that the Wondercon crowd absolutely loved him, but can see why he thought otherwise.

For his thoughts on Wondercon and also a look at his first acting role, watch below