Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lost Season 5 Finale - WWOWOOOOWWWW

Holy crap jesus man!

Last night was the season 5 finale of Lost and it's safe to say my mind was blown. All in all it was a good night, as Lost cemented season 5 as one of the best seasons of television ever (yeah, I said it) and Danny Gokey got the boot on American Idol. We won't discuss the injustice of America's Next Top Model at this juncture, because I have more respect for you readers than that.

Here are some quick thoughts on the finale.

- The mirroring to Season 2 continues! In the season 2 finale, "Live Together Die Alone," there is much talk of "the Incident". In the season 5 finale "The Incident," Juliet says "Live together, die alone" which spurs the group to go fight alongside Jack, resulting in Juliet falling down the shaft and setting off the bomb. Both seasons end with explosions, both seasons have to do with the mystery that is the Dharma Initiative. In the S2 finale, we finally got some Desmond answers. In the S5 finale, we finally got some Jacob answers.

From EW, (which I read after writing this post, but can't resist quoting now),

''The Incident'' confirmed for me one of the few correct theories I've come up with this year: That season 5 was a mirror to season 2, they've been setting up a sixth season that will resemble season 1, thus completing the moebius strip narrative of Lost. ''The Incident'' certainly resembled season 2's finale, the title of which, ''Live Together, Die Alone,'' was name-checked by Juliet last night. There was a story line involving castaway treachery (Michael = Alterna-Locke). Both episodes shared the Four Toed Statue as a plot point, although ''The Incident'' gave us a better look at what it once looked like back in the day. (Was that a crocodile head?) Both episodes culminated with the destruction of the Hatch, perpetrated in each case by lovelorn characters hoping their sacrifice would somehow, someway save the lives of their friends. And finally, both episodes were about activating ''quibbles''. As in: A plot device, common to fantasy/science fiction, that allows a character to cheat the literal obligations of a promise, contract, or prophecy. Also see: loophole. Desmond had the failsafe, while Jacob had...

Oh, but we'll get to that.

- White flash = time travel. So maybe they didn't all die and the bomb harnessed the energy and sent them all the future.

- Jacob in white, Man #2 in dark clothing. Coincidence? I think not

- Who lies in the shadow of the statue? The one who will save us all. So Jacob IS the good guy. ? .

- Jacob's really into free will. And physically touching the Losties at key points in their lives

- Ben, the master manipulator, is in fact the biggest pawn of all, second only maybe to the real John Locke. :(. Poor Ben & RealLocke.

- Season 6 prediction: Locke gets a proper funeral on the island, the total opposite of his off-island funeral. Jack will cry and tell him he was right and he should have believed him.

- Who was really in charge of Jacob's death? Was in the man in black aka man #2 aka evil dude aka fakelocke or was Jacob in fact welcoming it, having arranged the whole thing, knowing what was to come next? Which leads to...

- "They're coming." They = Lost in time Losties. Bad Guy doesn't like this - yes, methinks Jacob had no problem letting himself die cause "they" are coming and will fix everything

- Will Jack kill FakeLocke in the name of RealLocke? Will someone become the new Jacob or will their presence bring Jacob back?

- Did Jacob arrange for the Black Rock to come to the island so he could annoint Richard the island's eternal adviser? Sure seems that way.

- My boyfriend has long had a theory that the island is part of a game between Ben & Widmore to change the timeloop in which they are stuck. This theory is actually proving more and more to be correct, but it's bigger than Ben & Widmore. Much, much bigger. Last night's first scene seemed to indicate that the game is between Jacob & Man #2 & Man #2 is determined to find a way to win via a loophole, a loophole put into action in the final scene.

- Jacob was not in Juliet's flashback. Juliet was not on Oceanic 815. I don't know if we will be seeing much of Juliet next season. On a related note, this is also probably the last we've seen of Miles.

- Is Man #2 related to either Jacob's cabin or Smokey?

For a ton of awesome theories, including one stating that Jacob is actually the bad guy, head to EW.

Here's a little something I quite enjoyed from them this week,

CONCLUSION Jacob was “quibbling” during his flashbacks; he was building loopholes and failsafe devices into each castaway’s life that will allow them to cheat death by Jughead. By physically touching each of them, he marked them in a magical way. And now, he’s going to draw them to himself, i.e., the Island, just like the electromagnetic anomaly at the Swan site started drawing anything metal into is powerful singularity. Perhaps they will all be immediately beamed to the Island in reincarnated bodies. (The promo for next season seemed to imply as much, what with Jack’s eye shooting open and reflecting back the jungle.) Or maybe it will be like this: the souls of the annihilated castaways will migrate into their bodies at the point in time that Jacob touched them. And more, I’ll bet you that they will retain all the memories of their past lives. Which means, for example, that Young James Ford will have knowledge of his fate — and can choose to try to change it, if he wishes. This is part of the great gift Jacob has given them: Not only new life, but the capacity to create their own destinies — a destiny which could include, if they wish, to go to the Island of their own free will. And they will. Remember Jacob’s last, bloody sputter: “They’re coming.”

MY ALTERNATIVE JACOB-FLASHBACK THEORY It’s the Harry Potter/Horcrux idea. Also see: Spock downloading his mind into McCoy in the second Star Trek movie. Jacob was imbuing each of the castaways with the essence of himself or parts of his soul. Now that he’s been gutted and his life is imperiled, he’s going to summon the castaways to the present to collect his missing pieces to heal himself.

Now, just have to wait 8 months. Wait. 8 months?! AHHHH WHYYYY LOOSSTTT.

Update: To satisfy your Lost theory fix, also head to Io9, The TV Squad, E! Online, & The AV Club.


Cinema Suicide said...

If you want to know what I think about the relationship of The Man In Black to the smoke monster, I think that The Man In Black IS the smoke monster.

I also don't want to presume that I know a thing about the possible effects of combining an atomic bomb with the massive pocket of electromagnetic energy at The Swan, but it's most suitatble that they're time travelling again. Everyone. Including Juliet.

I have a shitload of other thoughts happening over at my site:

nines9 said...

somebody i talked to thought the bomb going off turned Juliet into the smoke monster


unless it's true, of course

Jodi said...

I don't think we'll be seeing much of Juliet either if for no other reason than Elizabeth Mitchell is filming a new show now. ; )