Friday, November 21, 2008

Whose Signed On to What Now? [Round Up]

For those who don't obsessively check literally 18 blogs a day - here's the week round up of who signed on to what in the genre universe

X:Men First Class (2010) got a writer in Josh Schwartz of OC/Gossip Girl/Chuck fame. Variety reports that despite turning down the initial offer to direct, the door is still open. I didn't care for the OC in any conceivable way but Chuck & Gossip Girl are two of my favorite shows on the air right now. Not in the lights off-pay no attention to anything else way (really only Lost & Battlestar get that star treatment) but in the YAY-fun-happy-time way. Herc over on Aint It Cool suspects this X-Men movie will be a "particulary sassy experience" and I tend to agree. Neil Miller at FSR approves of this decision, a s the First Class comic series is more youthful in nature, focusing on Iceman, Rogue, Angel, Colossus, Jubilee and Shadowcat's first years at Xavier's Mutant Academy. Frothy Teen X-Men fun? Eh, I might be all right with that. We'll see how it develops.

Captain America (2011) also got some writers this week. Let's welcome Narnia scribes Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely to the Marvel universe. They will be joining Rocketeer/Jumanji/Wolf Man helmer Joe Johnston for the period superhero flick/war epic chronicling Steve Rogers journey from not so super dude to first ever super dude. It's extremely important that this movie be amazing.
Rocketeer + Narnia = ???
Dear god, PLEASE cast this well.

Billy Batson & The Legend of Shazam! aka the Captain Marvel movie now has a director. I didn't even know this movie was being made. Did anyone? Most likely we can expect to see this DC character on the big screen in 2011, with Get Smart director, Peter Segal at the helm. The screenplay comes to Segal courtesy of John August (Big Fish, Corpse Bride) and already has a Black Adam in the form of Dwayne Johnson. Now I'm not very well educated in the DC universe, but I enjoy Segal & August and Captain Marvel seemed cool enough in Justice. But hey, isn't there a Captain Marvel in the Marvel universe too? Mar-Vell the Kree? Is that why the movie is called Billy Batson & The Legend of Shazam! and not Captain Marvel? People who have read comics for longer than 3 years knew this already, didn't they? Did I just lose more fangirl points? Damnit.


Brendan M. Leonard said...

Josh Schwartz is probably one of the geekiest writers in Hollywood right now, and his gift is intertwining the geeky with the mainstream. I mean, seriously, everyone who is whining about this needs to go watch "Chuck vs. Tom Sawyer" right now. What I'm saying is, the man knows his shit. I'm really excited that he's on X-Men. (Although I need to watch Gossip Girl.)

LoquaciousMuse said...

Though I just read issue #1 of First Class and...I hope it gets better cause I don't need to see a movie about young x-men saving creatures from getting accidentally killed by environmentalists. Like...not interesting.

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