Wednesday, November 19, 2008

90210 Live(ish) Blogging [Loss of 12 Fangirl Points]

So I fully understand that watching 90210 and programs like it undermine my status as Fangirl, but you know, I believe in being as fully informed as possible about all pop culture. Not to mention, watching something like 90210 really makes you appreciate the shows out there that DO make sense and ARE quality.

But first:

Thanks to EruditeChick for that. There isn't a doubt in my mind that the new Trek movie will be light years more intelligent than 90210 (see below for why!) but this still gave me a good laugh. Plus it seems appropriate since all the comments on my Trek post over on AintItCool are all like "Clearly you like 90210" and I'm like "You have a point. But that doesn't mean 90210 is good and that doesn't mean Star Trek won't be awesome." In a nutshell.

As for this 90210 semi live blogging, I recommend you read it whilst watching. Oh crap, wish I had taken note of the time when I wrote each thought. Note to self - must work on the art of live(ish) blogging.

On tonight's episode, we meet Harry & Tracy's long lost son and are forced to watch Dixon deal with it. Annie randomly turns into a bitch and Naomi pals around with girls way younger than her, pretending to be Blair Waldorf.

Naomi & Annie meet long lost half brother and Lucille Bluth wants cake. Incredibly awkward start to what will no doubt be an incredibly awkward episode.

Harry meets long lost son and has appropriate reaction - shock, silence, confusion, etc. Tracy meets him and gets AH, gets really creepy! What kind of mom reacts that way to seeing her son for the first time?! Augh, who are you?!

Annie & Blando are being kissy kissy in the hallway and saying things like "Hello Girlfriend." Gross. And girlfriend & boyfriend already? I don't think these kids put that much thought into how they approach relationships. Oh wait. Duh.

Blando, you're really bland. Take a cue from Ozy. He's exotic and sexy. Blando is bland & really bland. Blechhhh

Is Adrianna part of the crew now? Things move quickly in Beverly Hills.

Kelly forces Annie to come into her office to talk about her half-brother with Naomi. Can guidance counselors even do that? Is that legal? How is this your business, Kelly?

Kelly compares having girlfriends to a plant. Nice analogy on the fly. This show makes me upset.


This scene! Finally! Introduce the different groups at school! Jocks & Drama kids! How exciting!

Eyu. Mean Annie makes me want to throw up.

These girls are obviously younger than Annalynne McCord, come on. Not buying this for a second.

Dixon's having daddy issues. In case you couldn't tell.

Annie is freaking me out with the mean. Stop it.


Annie! Ack! What's wrong with you? Why are you so mean?! My skin hurts.

Ethan agrees with me about Annie so I like him for a moment and call him Ethan, not Blando

Omg, gay man!!! Sterotypical gay theater student in the back ground!!! Too busy watching the way his blue & orange ensemble shines in the sun to pay attention to anything that just happened between Ozy & Naomi.

Brenda's being weird, Kelly's like be my friend! A plant is exchanged.

The Writers - "Whats a funny like, foreign name and some of sort hilarious word we can pair it with? So Tabitha can have this hilarious line when she brings it up? Foreign...foreign...foreign...omg, JEAN LUC HAHAHAHAHA, okay okay, phew, that's amazing, okay, now what else sounds funny...funny thing....funny word. omg CHIHUAHUA YES OMG HAHAHAHA THEY ARE SO SMALL AND FUNNY HAHAHAHAHAA WE'RE SO FUNNY!!!"

What is she wearing? It's the return of Naomi's ridiculous outfits!

That cat wins

I don't believe you, Dustin Milligan. I don't believe you care about lacrosse that much. But nice try.

Water Shiatsu haha, okay, that's a litte funny

That much raw fish isn't good for you

MMMM tuna sashimi. Be grateful, Long Lost Son, I wish I could eat that much mercury all the time.

That was a really awkward moment from Silver on the bed. And then Annie gets nekkid. What's happening.

They're gonna do it

Haha "Yes, like 17 times." brings my first actul chuckle of the show

Annie's changed so much in a day! Whatever will she do! How can she get her old self back?! How can she remember back a day?!

Uh oh. Something tells me Dixon's gonna eff up

Woahhh shot down by Brenda. Heavy. Weird. I wonder what's going on. Oh wait, they showed Brenda saying "I slept with Ryan" in the preview. Good thing that got cleared up.

Adrianna goes to lacrosse games with Silver. Cause they're best friends now. AHH.

Blando & Silver! They are dating in real life! Teehee!

Naomi bares her midriff cause apparently it's 1997.

Ozy's hot

I like Ozy

Annie's the cat?! Hahaa what?!?! Naomi kissed her?! As the cat?! That's so weird and unnecesary! What's going on! This show makes me sad.

Oh look, Dixon effs up. Surprise.

Sean pipes in with lacrosse advice cause he obviously knows exactly what he's talking about

"Screw you." !!!!!! Hawt. He meant that shit.

That dramatic pause between Harry & Dixon in the locker room was entirely too long

Someone fucked up a liiiiine

I'm bored. I have no idea what happened in this scene, nor do I care

Where's Navid?

Annie's like a cartoon character. Didn't fully realise that until the episode she dresses up like a giant cat. Hmm.

Can they reference Save By The Bell? I feel warped. I don't know why. But it seems wrong to me. And what did that even mean? You can't say Saved By The Bell on the SBTB set? Or you can't say Macbeth on the SBTB set? Now is when I admit I might be high right now.

Kelly & Brenda are hypocrites

And I love this song.


SEAN'S EVIL!! I actually did not see that coming. Or, I guess evil is a strong word. This isn't Heroes. But he's not the good guy we all think he is.

No more eps til January 6th? I think somehow I'll deal.


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