Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'll Never Pronounce Machete With A "Shh" Sound Again

That's kind of an awkward title for a post. Do I care? Nope!

Ma Che Te!

Okay, I've been seeing a non stop barrage of dislike/indifference for Machete over the Twitters and I just gotta put it on the record that I 2000% disagree. I don't know if my opinion was affected by the fact that I knew next to nothing about this film beforehand, especially any critics' reviews of it, but I loved it. I thought it was ridiculous AND ridiculously fun, possibly the best time I've had at the movies this year. Yes, Scott Pilgrim was epically joyful, especially considering I saw it with thousands of fans & the cast at Comic-Con and Metric performed afterwards, but I was also so high on just the experience, that I don't remember much of the actual movie AND I had so much riding on the movie being awesome, that I was almost too concerned with that to fully enjoy myself. Machete, I didn't give a shit whether it was actually good or not, I didn't know what to expect, I only assumed that it would probably be silly and violent, and I had a great effing time.

I've heard criticisms that there wasn't enough action and between the action the film was dull. Maybe I'm easy to please (Yes, I'm easy to please), but I thought there was a lot of action and didn't find any part of Machete to be dull. I was actually completely engrossed in the story - I wanted to see the bad guys get their intestines ripped out and the good guys have lots of sex at really inappropriate times. And whattya know, they did! I've also heard the opinion that there is too much plot for such an ill structured narrative, but again, lots of plot goes with the territory with this genre of movie, but I understood everything that happened just fine. So. Don't get that criticism either. Also, I would switch teams for Michelle Rodriguez. In a heartbeat. Damn. The entire movie may be worth it just for her.

I never understand vocal distaste from bloggers when it comes to movies like this. Sure, it was silly, and sure I'd expect confusion from non-genre fan critics, but like, really? Genre fans hating on it?  So many fun items were used as weapons! Steven Seagal had a stupid accent! Frank Lapidus in a suit! Lindsey Lohan showing off her busted meth face! Danny Trejo! A taco truck! What's not to enjoy?

After the movie, I definitely had vegan tacos and sparkling margaritas. Delicious and perfect way to cap the evening.


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