Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Don't Pretend Like You Aren't Curious What's Up With Billy From Gremlins

If you love Gremlins like I do, then you probs would have been as much of a freak as I was on the first day of class during my senior year at NYU when lo and behold Zach Galligan was my audition technique teacher at Stonestreet Studios. That was a long (but true) sentence.

He's totally effing cool and also happened to be a fantastic teacher. And with the 3G Art Show going on here in LA celebrating Gremlins, I thought posting a little something about this short starring Zach wouldn't be so random?

An official selection at the Boston Film Festival,

12 Floors Up is a dark comedy that follows movie producer Spencer Hawkins (Zach Galligan) as he tries to survive a pretentious Manhattan cocktail party. As he attempts to navigate his way through the evening unscathed, Spencer stumbles upon eccentric guests, annoying stories, and a murder.

Actually sounds pretty enjoyable, no?

The film also happens to co-star another face from my NYU days, an actor named Gil Zabarsky, with whom you are about to become obsessed. In fact, now that I've seen this clip, I have a new goal called "Make Gil Famous." Mission. Starts. NOW!

Am I right or am I right?

For more info on the project, head to their official site. To help make Gil famous and make Gremlins fans everywhere squee at the sight of Zach Galligan, post this clip everywhere and anywhere.