Friday, June 22, 2012

Someone Who'll Watch Over Me @ Canal Park Playhouse

The TRUF and The Canal Park Playhouse present a new production of Frank McGuiness' Tony Award nominated play Someone Who'll Watch Over Me. The play involves three Westerners--an American, Irishman, and Englishman--imprisoned as hostages in Lebanon, whose constant seesaw between hope and fear are revealed in their conversations and storytelling.

Someone Who'll Watch Over Me captures the duality and reciprocity of both faith and communication; with each conversation had and story told, the characters grow to feel responsible for each other, while the audience is tied to them as the ultimate watchers of their tale. Directed by Justin Lauro, this intimate and well-paced production features Lauro, Timothy Riley, and Alex Teachey who all wonderfully capture the intensity of their characters' circumstances, while keeping the audience invested in their emotional turmoil and wondering about their futures.

Someone Who'll Watch Over Me is paired with the play Sarazad and The Monster-King, a retelling of the frame tale of Arabian Nights, which also deals with themes on the power of storytelling. Both can be seen at Canal Park Playhouse.

Someone Who'll Watch Over Me
Written by: Frank McGuinness
Directed by: Justin Lauro
Featuring: Justin Lauro, Timothy Riley, and Alex Teachey

Running now until July 20th
Wednesday-Saturday, 8PM

Canal Park Playhouse
508 Canal Street (between Greenwich and West St)

For tickets go here


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