Thursday, October 7, 2010

Glee-Cap! Sacrilicious- Season 2, Episode 3

This week, Glee took on the not-at-all-controversial topic of spirituality. It did it of course in the most down to earth and respectful way possible.

... Finn is praying to a Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Yes this episode, Grilled Cheesus, was delicious. Both in satire and in emotional impact.

When Glee focuses on Kurt, it does very, very well. As it did this week, also, this week Glee gets mad props for giving Sue and her sister a bit more airtime.

And thank goodness because if I'd been disappointed by another episode in a row I might have lost my faith in televised musicals.


Kurt's Dad had a heart attack and was in a Coma this week. The show did this beautifully, they also explored how Kurt's anger manifested in a desire to absolutely not listen to a bunch of other people exploring their various faiths when he himself did not believe in any of them.

Eventually, through the power of song, Mercedes is able to reach out to Kurt, her BFF, and as he gets over his initial shock of his father's heart attack, is able to enjoy life in a manner both entertaining and fabulous, by joining Mercedes at her church and feeling the love that community, regardless of his personal beliefs.

Also he wore that hat, and that is beautiful.

Ultimately, a very solid episode, well acted, well sung. Coped with very serious content in a way that was pointed but not blaming or as an indictment. Even the potentially sacrilegious Grilled Cheese Sandwich element was fairly sensitively handled and in the end... became sacrilicious.


Ms. Pillsbury– Guidance Counselor ex Machina, reasonable and competent at her job +5

                                                        ok +10

Sue– Evil + Human, a heady mix of cartoonish and character diven +5

                                 and an additional +5 to Ms. Pillsbury to boot.

Tina– Solo in the final song, but not much else +1

Mercedes– Sings her feelings, Believably struggling with helping Kurt +3

Rachel– Sings a solo, but in many ways, this solo seemed like it was just an excuse to make her seem... imperious and overwhelmingly pushy. But yeah, she sings a song.... breaks even.

Quinn, Brittney, Santana, Even Finn's mom, one line a piece, no points


Steve G. said...

See, I actually find Kurt to be a bit annoying. I just don't ever find him to be that sympathetic of a character, since in the episodes that feature him, it's all about him, him, him.

I thought this week's episode was really effective, but it's almost entirely because of Mike O'Malley, who deserves something like a Comeback Emmy of All-Time for doing this role after stints in horrible comedies and Nickelodeon Guts. He's so good as Kurt's dad that it made me really, REALLY care about the outcome of the episode.

Outside of that, the Grilled Chees-us stuff was awesome. I like how good-natured-but-kinda-dumb Finn is. And as always, Brittany was awesome. "This is a report I did on hearts last year - Maybe the doctor can use it. It got marked down a grade because I wrote it in crayon."

Steve G. said...

Also: My e-mail said that the e-mail you have associated with this blog no longer exists, or something. Just giving you a heads-up!

Caitlin Burns said...

The interplay between Kurt and His father really is the hallmark of great episodes of Glee. It's something that can be really touching. If they could bring some of this multifaceted humanity to the other characters consistently they'd really have something incredible.