Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Evolution of the Geek

File me under Internet Geek, Film Geek, Video Game Geek, Comic Book Geek, Semi-Politics Geek, Semi-Book Geek, ex-Academic Geek, ex-Star Wars Geek (like, it was serious, you guys), Food Geek, ex-Theater Geek (I'm not a theater major living in New York anymore) and the non existant Television Geek.

If you think I'm not gonna post this on Facebook and tag all my friends as a different geek, you would be wrong.

Update: I've decided that the chart is missing the following geeks. This will get specific:
Television Geek
Health Geek
Cosplay Geek
RenFair Geek
Comedy Geek
Space Geek
Direct To DVD Animated Marvel/DC Movie Geek....shhhh