Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Vote Nicole for SheWired's Gay Woman of the Year!

My absolutely gorgeous freshman year roommate from NYU, Nicole Pacent, is one of the stars of the web series Anyone But Me, (from the creators of The L Word, which just began its second season) and has been nominated for SheWire's Gay Woman of the Year!!

Here's the site's write up,

She’s out, she’s proud, she’s adorable! One of the stars of the breakout lesbian-themed Web series Anyone But Me, Pacent casually interjected that she was gay in real life in an interview with SheWired last May, making her lesbian fans very happy to have another role model! Being the great sport that she is, Pacent even accompanied SheWired while we livestreamed Christopher Street West’s LA Gay Pride last June. For those who didn’t get enough of the New Yorker, Anyone But Me’s highly anticipated second season premiered Dec. 15th.

Bad ass! She's nominated among the likes of Lady Gaga, Cherry Jones, Jane Lynch & Rachel Maddow, tough competition, so I encourage you to head to SheWire and give her a vote! You can vote for as many women as you want so just include Nicole Pacent in your vote and we'll be square :)


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