Friday, July 24, 2009

WB Panel

Where the Wild Things Are

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real classy, genuine, candid intro video to the film detailing relationship between maurice sendak and spike jonze. the movie seems so beautifully shot and emotionally resonant, or at least insistent... getting a sense it shares the same tone and timbre with being john malkovitch. not sure how the film will play, but can guarantee it wont pander to kids.

now max records, the 10 year-old kid who plays max in the film, is working the shit out of the room.

three extended clips and an extended trailer. goosebumps city. this shit is gorgeous and will play huge to the 20-30 yr. old crowd, hipsters etc... heard chunks of the new music by karen o. that scores the project and it is pitch-perfect for the material. the creature work is impeccable... gandolfini perfectly cast, as is little max records.


the hughes brothers seem incapable of making movies that interest me, and this looks like more post-apocalyptic mediocrity, this time with denzel washington. they showed a little rotoscoped character intro and then premiered the trailer, which seems pretty rote. haven't read the script so i'm not too sure, don't want to be too damning, but this looks drab and unexceptional.

gary oldman bringing us through the plot. i loves gary oldman... still waiting for LEON 2. guys on the film sitting behind me suggest he just dropped a wee bit of a spoiler but i wasn't paying much attention. yay me. denzel onstage chatting and doing his denzel thing... that is one charismatic human.


denzil and gary seem to get along pretty well. they're laughing about good sex.

yeah, the dude right behind me is the writer. sweet. seems like a really nice guy! hope his vision isn't all that great...

well, the more they talk bout this the more i'm intrigued. would love to be pleasantly surprised.denzel devoted 6 months to preparing for the film and did all of his own fights... hope the choreography rewarded his efforts.

annnddd oldman drops that the next batman movie is shooting next year. curious...


trailerish stuff. freddy being burned alive and then freakin the poo out of some folks. interesting that he seems like both the hero AND the villain in this piece... jackie earl haley comes out - the man is perfectly cast in every role he plays. could be a good opportunity to get into this mythology on the renovated ground floor, so to speak... i dunno, platinum dunes doesn't always deliver the best stuff, but JEH adds a whole heap of legitimacy. could be very refreshing stuff.

BOB STENCIL ASKING JEH A QUESTION. YES PLEASE. prods JEH to go into watchmen mode. englund will not be making a cameo, even though he supports both haley and the film.

i just had an opportunity to yell "WOOOO, CHILD ABDUCTORS!" love sdcc.

JEH took 3.5 hours to get into make-up, and then an hour to get out. thinks people would have thought make-up was real if he had worn it in the real world.