Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer Game Slump

If you're like me, you like playing video games all year round. If you're not, just stop reading.

Okay, so for those of you who remain, let's talk about new video games released in the summer....there are none. Long ago, somewhere along the line in the history of video games (probably towards the beginning), someone decided that it was best to release games in the winter. Everyone agreed, and honestly didn't give much thought to the rest of the year. They all made money, some made good games, and everyone patted each other on the back at the New Year's party. Later, someone invented E3 to remind people every summer that new games were indeed going to be released... eventually. Thus was born the Summer Game Slump.

Summer Game Slump (n.)
The time from January to August in which few new games of note are released. (see: most of the year)

With this depressing gap in mind, I thought I'd get my act together on ATF and share with you five awesome things from E3 that you may have missed. Read on, after the jump!!

1. Fat Princess
Coming Late Summer 2009 to PS3
If you haven't seen this game yet, take a look at the trailer. I'm hoping this turns out to be an amazing party game, assuming the multiplayer isn't online-only. Basically, it's capture the flag, but WACKY! Instead of a flag, your team has a princess whom you can fatten up by feeding to make her harder to steal. The game has a class system so that you can pick a specific job to perform during the chaos.

2. Final Fantasy XIV Debut Trailer
Coming Eventually to PS3, Windows
While we continue to wait for FF XIII, Square is of course already at work on XIV, it's second attempt at an MMORPG. So far, no surprises here...chocobos, spiky hair, swords, etc. Perhaps this one will really catch on. Either way, its good to know Square Enix stays committed to constantly having a game to show us that is YEARS from American release.

3. Forza Motorsport 3 Ridiculous Stunt Trailer
Coming October 2009 to XBox 360
I'm not much of a racing game aficionado, so all I can really say about this game is that it's supposed to be absurdly realistic and beautiful. Regardless of whether you appreciate racing games, though, you have to appreciate this trailer. Watch it uninformed and you think "Yea, cool. Neat racing tricks." However, once you find out that all the stunts seen in the trailer we actually performed by the development team and recorded live to make the trailer, you have to respect the obsessive work that must have gone into this car ballet. Just to clarify, that means that everything you see in this trailer was done by someone IN THE GAME. Enjoy and admire...

4. Final Fantasy VII Released on the Playstation Store
Available Now on PS3/PSP
This long-awaited nugget came without much fanfare, but this is can't-miss news for any RPG fan. Final Fantasy VII, arguably the best RPG ever made, is now available to play for $10 on your PS3 and/or PSP.

5. New Super Mario Bros Wii!!!
Coming Holiday 2009 to Wii
For the first time EVER, Nintendo is releasing a 4-player simultaneous coop Mario game. It's like playing Super Mario World, but with three friends on the screen with you at the same time. It'll probably end up being a fantastic game to play at the end of a night, when you're too tired to compete and just want to hop around with some friends.