Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's a Hall H Thursday!

Hey it's Thursday morning!!

A Christmas Carol

Zemeckis has made this a ghost story, as it should be. The footage is, of course, largely 3D-mindful. The scene between Scrooge and Marley is intensely overblown in the dramatics but, if you're actually a Dickens fan, this should suit you. It is appropriately dramatic, but Scrooge's innate sense of miserly, grudging skepticism and taciturn expression makes for a number of comedic moments- it's not funny if someone's not getting hurt. Basic comedy theory.

The look is fantastic. There is very little stylization about the character design- it appears, like, Beowulf, to be designed to be true to life, if heightened concentrated life. Most exciting for CGI fans, the Shoulder Problem seems to have been greatly diminished. Starting back in the awful Final Fantasy: Blah Blah of Spirits or whatever, God I loathed that movie, and up through Beowulf, animators have had a huge problem creating realistic looking human shoulders. For whatever reason, that particular joint, that articulation has been impossible for them to replicated. Here, they seem to have done a pretty awesome job. Will need see more to be certain.

Marley looked fantastic though. Still, the general feeling is that of a cartoon- a perfectly dramatic one, but a cartoon nonetheless which to be honest, will save this movie from a scathing talking to by moi, because I really resent the concept of this art form being used to replace actors.

Will There be a Roger Rabbit sequel?

"I can neither confirm nor deny." If the project were to go forward, however, the "2D characters would remain [animated] in two dimensions." I love you Rob.

Alice in Wonderland.

Squeals for Tim Burton echo off the lighting fixtures. This is Burton's first Comic Con panel evar.

Tim was attracted to the project by the prospect of creating a film anchored in a "hardcore realistic setting". Lulz.

Cheshire cat not quite as evil or manky looking as American McGee's but still is disturbing. Apparently, Burton not a cat fan. Still, being voice by Stephen Fry, I anticipate an amount of lugubriousness and wit that will make me a very happy camper. Slides of Tim's vaca to follow the clip.

Clip is beautiful. Has the wonder of Nightmare Before Christmas and the bright otherness of Edward Scissor Hands. This is going to be lovely. Oh here it comes again!

Movie will be based not just on the first two books but largely, as it's an expanded history, on the Jabberwocky poem. Which gets me psyched, because it's the only poem I know by heart. LOVE.

First time Tim's done a lot of green screen, which if anything demonstrates how totally awesome he is. His first foray into it.

"Okay that's cool. Bye!" I love you, girl with question.

Scissor hands is important to him, Ed Wood was special.

Alice felt right because someone was going on a weird journey trying to work out problems in their head. Wizard of Oz therefor holds no interest.

Tim, you are awesome. Oswald, you are ALSO awesome.