Tuesday, October 4, 2011

On Sale Today! Geek Girls Unite: How Fangirls, Bookworms, Indie Chicks, and Other Misfits Are Taking Over the World

We're very excited about today's release of Geek Girls Unite, a fun and informative reference book of sorts, meant to inspire geek girls everywhere to be proud of who they are, gain insight in other areas fellow ladies are geeking out over, and feel motivated to seek out like minded women. Despite some quibbles I may have had with certain sections, ultimately, the book succeeds. And I'm extremely honored that our little blog, All Things Fangirl, is featured as suggested web reading in the Fangirl Geek section. Completely unsolicited and beyond appreciated, it's a gesture we won't soon forget. For anyone who finds us thanks to this book, we hope you like what you read and enjoy becoming a member of our community.

My full review of Geek Girls Unite can be found later today on Film.com


Castling said...

So cool that we're in this book!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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