Sunday, October 2, 2011

October at the Movies

After a fascinating September filled with great movies (Drive), awful movies (Abduction) and a whole lot of in between, plus the triumphant return of Lion King to theaters, we move in to October on a bit of movie high. After the collection of strong Sept 30th releases, I expect audiences to be even more jazzed for the remainder of the fall releases. October especially boasts an eclectic mix of films, representing horror, Oscar potential, long awaited festival darlings and more. Oh and a lot of remakes/sequels. A lot. The breakdown below.

Looking for some scares?

Human Centipede 2 (Oct 7)
The sequel to the 2009 surprise cult hit, Human Centipede, but with what sounds like double the meta and triple the disgusting, Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence is about a man who becomes "sexually obsessed" with the first Human Centipede film (often masturbating with sandpaper to it...), so he decides to create his own in real life, but with twelve people, instead of three. I might throw up just describing the plot.

Am I seeing it? Ummmm. I refuse to even watch a trailer for the first Human Centipede, sooooo. I'm gonna go with absolutely not.

The Thing (Oct 14)
The remake/prequel of the beloved John Carpenter flick is finally coming to theaters, after being delayed from Spring release. I have a soft spot for the original, which simultaneously makes me curious about this film and dread it. I hate the idea of audiences seeing the "blood test" scene for the first time in this version and not the Carpenter one. Granted, my generation most likely got introduced to this genre and that type of scene with The Faculty, but still. Ain't no alien testing scene like a Carpenter Thing alien testing scene.

Am I seeing it? I'm curious, so I'm not opposed. It may just end up happening on blu-ray instead.

The Skin I Live In (Oct 14)
The latest from oft genius Pedro Almodóvar about a plastic surgeon experimenting with a new type of synthetic skin, that I'm sure will be every bit as disturbing at that one sentence suggests. This is the man who directed Talk to Her after all. I've heard it's not his best, but still worth seeing and is as close to a B horror film as Almodóvar has gotten, in the best way possible.

Am I seeing it? Definitely

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Paranormal Activity 3 (Oct 21)
The third installment in the extremely popular and lucrative Paranormal Activity serious, that brings the stories of the first two films together, prequel style. It will make lots and lots of money.

Am I seeing it? I saw the first, but never saw the second, so I'm not sure I'd go out of my way to see the third, but I do appreciate gore-less horror.

Looking for a "crowd-pleaser"?

Real Steel (Oct 7)
This looks like such a "Live Action Disney Movie" it makes me laugh. Chortle even. I'm positive that 13 year old boys will love it, but I don't think it has nearly the wide reach the studio is hoping it has.

Am I seeing it? I have no interest. No.

Footloose (Oct 14)
Another remake! This one of a film I haven't seen. No really, I haven't seen Footloose. Which also may explain why I don't care about seeing this movie. I've been hearing good things, but my mind hasn't changed.

Am I seeing it? Eh.

The Three Musketeers (Oct 21)
I guess this can't be referred to as a remake, since that's not technically accurate, but there have been plenty of takes on The Three Musketeers, so you can't exactly call this flick "original." But I do happen to love the Musketeers and I also dig the idea of seeing Orlando Bloom chew the scenery as the villain. Oh and Logan Lerman is in it. I hearts him. So even though the film is surrounded by red flags and will most likely be terrible, I'm still kind of looking forward to it...

Am I seeing it? Maybe. I kinda really want to....But I suppose it will come down to reviews. I'm interested, but not so keen on wasting time and money.

In Time (Oct 28)
A science fiction flick from Gattaca director/Truman Show writer Andrew Niccol, which showed off some footage at Comic-Con this year. I dig the concept of buying and selling time in an eternal quest to stay age 25 and concept was enough to get me to rent flicks like Surrogates and TiMER, so I'm still feeling mildly optimistic about this one, despite the fact that I'm actively NOT a fan of Justin Timberlake and I wasn't totally sold by the Comic-Con footage.

Am I seeing it? At some point, yes, but whether or not it will be in theaters is yet to be determined. I'm not sure I want to help Justin Timberlake become a movie star.

Puss In Boots 3D (Oct 28)
Yet another installment in the Shrek franchise, but this one focusing on Puss in Boots, who is a cat, so I automatically care a little bit more. This film acts a prequel, explaining the events leading up to Puss' involvement with Shrek. Every child in America will see this. In 3D. It will make so much money.

Am I seeing it? Not in theaters, but I may give it a go at home literally just because it stars a cat. I love cats. So what? Who cares?

Looking to possibly laugh?

The Big Year (Oct 14)
Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black team up to go bird watching! A movie lovers dream come true! But seriously, I actually have high hopes for this one - it's directed by David Frankel of The Devil Wears Prada and the cast (which also includes Rashida Jones, Joel McHale and Jim Parsons) is known for bringing the funny. And despite what the poster suggests, it's more about three men dealing with various crises in their lives by following their dreams for a year than it is about bird watching.

Am I seeing it? I can't say I'm particularly intrigued by the concept, but I'm very intrigued by the creative team, so I just might make the effort

Johnny English Reborn (Oct 28)
Rowan Atkinson reprises the role of MI-7 spy Johnny English in this sequel to the 2003 spoof comedy. The reviews have been fairly mixed, but I imagine if you're a fan of Atkinson's trademark slapstick comedy, you'll have a good enough time with this one.

Am I seeing it? As I'm not a huge fan of this realm of the comedy world? Gonna have to say no. But I respect Atkinson and wish him and the film the best.

And They're Off (Oct 28)
A mockumentary about horse racing starring Sean Astin, Cheri Oteri and Martin Mull that I didn't know existed. The trailer isn't especially funny, but the people involved are pretty solid, so who knows?

Am I seeing it? I don't know. Maybe? If it's good? Probably not.

Looking for something slightly anti-establishment?

The Ides of March (Oct 7)
FINALLY! I saw the play this film is based on, Farragut North, twice, in two different cities, with two different leading men (Chris Pine in LA and Tony winner John Gallagher Jr in NYC)  and I absolutely love it. The play got its start at the Atlantic Theater Company, which holds a very special place in my heart, so I was thrilled when I heard it was optioned, by George Clooney yet. And although I kind of wish *some* of the original cast was retained, even just one person (Olivia Thirlby > Evan Rachel Wood), I'm still looking forward to it and rooting for its success. Oh, and the cherry on top? Score by Alexandre Desplat. Whom I love.

Am I seeing it? Opening weekend

The Rum Diary (Oct 28)
Based on the novel of the same name by Hunter S Thompson, the film stars Johnny Depp, Aaron Eckhart and inexplicably, Amber Heard. The topic is prescient, corrupt businessmen and the journalists who may or may not expose them and all, and it certainly looks entertaining enough.

Am I seeing it? Probably

Anonymous (Oct 28)
A film exploring the controversial stance that Shakespeare wasn't the true author of his plays directed by Roland Emmerich. I don't remotely care for this theory and frankly, don't care much for Emmerich either, but the trailer struck me as bizarre enough to pique my interest. My brain doesn't understand a movie about Shakespeare being shot to stylistically, and wants to know more.

Am I seeing it? Perhaps, although I don't see myself making the time to go during its theatrical run unless the reviews are outstanding

The Double (Oct 28)
Spies, murders, assassins, intrigue, government secrets and Topher Grace.

Am I seeing it? If I do, it's literally because of Topher Grace. I love him. It's weird.

Looking for a Film Festival Darling?

Dirty Girl (Oct 7)
Picked up after it's 2010 TIFF premiere and taking home the top prize at the 2011 Provincetown Film Festival, Dirty Girl, set in the 80s, tells the story of Danielle, the "dirty girl" of Norman High School, who runs away to California with her new closeted friend, Clarke, so she can find her father, and he can escape being sent to military school.

Am I seeing it? In theaters, maybe not, but I'm definitely interested

Martha Marcy May Marlene (Oct 21)
I've been hearing about it non stop since its splash of a debut at Sundance when director Sean Durkin walked away with Dramatic Directing honors. It put Lizzie Olsen on the map as far as bloggers and industry insiders go and the release of this film will open her up to audiences nation wide. I suspect this is just the beginning of a long, successful career for both her and Durkin.

Am I seeing it? As soon as possible

Like Crazy (Oct 28)
Anton Yelchin is my secret crush. In this movie, Anton Yelchin engages in activities of a romantic nature. I will love this movie. The plot description sounds like Going the Distance, but with 50% more British and 100% more not shitty. It won the Grand Jury prize at Sundance over fellow October releases Martha Marcy May Marlene and Take Shelter, both of which are supposedly fantastic, so you know this one's gotta be good.

Am I seeing it? Yes. Yes I am.

Other October Releases:
The Swell Season (Oct 7)
Blackthorn (Oct 7)
Texas Killing Fields (Oct 14)
Fireflies in the Garden (Oct 14)
Trespass (Oct 14)
Margin Call (Oct 21)
Retreat (Oct 21)
13 (Oct 28)
Sleeping Beauty (Oct 28)


somer said...

yay, Amber Heard!! I didn't realize she was in that movie.

also, I randomly met Anton Yelchin at Panavision once. He was so friendly and genuinely curious and eager about the camera side of the business. I didn't recognize him as an actor at the time, but he definitely went out of his way to speak with me and was super nice and adorable.

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