Saturday, June 13, 2009

Five Things I've Done This Week I Suggest To You [Stolen from @Da7e]

I have felt fully uninspired to write about anything for about a week now, but after being badgered by my lovely cohorts, I've decided to try and get something up.

Good ol @Da7e just wrote a post entitled "Five Things I Did This Week I Suggest To You" and I actually found it quite inspiring! So I'm going to attempt my own version.

1. Committed bigamy, had a child and completed the Tattered Spire quest in Fable 2

You just got really confused. Unless you regularly read my Twitter, then you are thinking "Oh Muse and her obsession with Fable 2." Just, listen, if you played, you'd get it. Trust me.

Every game of Fable 2 is different and in the one I'm playing right now, I'm beyond rich (I own almost every property in the game and get paid 100,000 in gold every five minutes), as good & pure as a character can be, I'm really hot (due to the good, the pure, the being a vegan & the wearing skimpy clothing), I'm super powerful with both melee & ranged weapons and am thisclose to all level 5 spells. and I have 127 characters in love with me.

The only strange thing occurring right now is after I got back from the Tattered Spire quest (which lasts 10 game years), my husband won't speak to me. But my son is now 10 years old and always like "Mommy, you are a hero! I wanna be one too!"

And if you really don't know what Fable is at all, let me clarify - you only interact with computer characters, not real people controlling characters from another console. So...slightly less weird...moving on

2. Saw The Hangover

Didn't realize it was going to be brilliant until about 20 or so minutes in. What moment exactly, you ask?

"Hello... how bout that ride in? I guess that's why they call it Sin City haha"

Enough said. If you've seen it. If you haven't seen it...well...see it. I'll go with you! Cause I'd see this again in a heartbeat. Also, Bradley Cooper can always have his shirt off. And always be having sex with m-I mean...what, I, uhhh...hrm

3. Saw Rebecca Pidgeon in concert/Saw the new Coen brothers movie

These two are together because they are both related to the fact that I know people who work for a theater company, who brought me to both events. A Serious Man, the new Coen brothers movie, is fantastic. See it in October. It' very Jewish, and being a Jew, I loved the crap out of it. Hopefully you will too.

Rebecca Pidgeon surprised me as I had no idea what to expect and I thoroughly enjoyed her set. Here's one of my favorites, which she sang a capella at the show. I'd post it in a media player if I had any clue how. All my research has ended in failure.

Download 04 Baby, Please Come Home to Me.m4a from

4. Went to a Fango show

Only my 2nd one ever, but I actually quite enjoyed it! Very low key with some cool vendors & interesting panels if you're into horror. Got to see Ben Foster be delightfully awkward (is it weird that I think his awkwardness is incredibly charming? Cause I do. Love him. Will see Pandorum.) and James Marsters be hot. Plus got some cool footage for our upcoming podcast...stay tuned...

5. Finally finished Angel Season 5...almost

As I stopped watching Angel regularly during the second season, I missed out on the brilliance that was season 5. A year or two ago, I watched up until Smile Time, then stopped for whatever reason. So finally, last week, I started up again. And DUDE was this season awesome. Now I know what Illyria is! And I got to see Spike & Angel go to Rome! I only have the series finale to go and I already know what happens, for the most part, but I'm so excited to finally watch it play out. If you are a Joss fan and ESPECIALLY if you are a Buffy fan who hasn't seen Angel Season 5 - get on it. Also - how is David Boreanaz younger & hotter now? That's just weird.

Other things I've done this week: Watched the premiere of Top Chef: Masters (Nom!), almost beat Peggle on 360 (2 levels to go!), went to the NYCC meet up at Dave & Buster's and kicked ass at the trivia even though we cheating, I presume...grrrr & stared at all the comics I have to read.


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