Monday, January 14, 2013

The 2013 Golden Globes: What We Learned

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Continuing the trend of an unpredictable Awards Season, the Golden Globes took us aback by providing three hours of great speeches, wacky bits and the greatest hosts this side of Bob Hope. Below, we break down our biggest takeaways of the evening.
If You Want Something Done Right, Get A Lady (Or Two) To Do It
The verdict is in. As suspected, based on their widely beloved presenter bits over the years, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were the strongest Golden Globes hosts perhaps in its entire 70-year history. Warm, accessible, and genuinely funny, the gals never dumbed anything down or took a cheap shot, and instead opted for intelligent, jokes, peppered with a healthy dose of the absurd. No jokes were awkward or stale, and their chemistry with everyone in the room crackled, especially with a certain salt & pepper charmer. The best jokes of the night, if we had to pick? The dig at James Cameronand referring to Bill Clinton as Hilary Clinton’s husband.
His name is Sam Fox. He is 23 years old. He is perfect. The possibilities are endless
Jennifer Lawrence Really Is That Great
Red carpet perfection – check. A sweet, funny speech full of genuine emotion – check. Successful Harvey Weinstein joke – check. Clever First Wives Club reference – check. And all of this while sick with the flu, unable to take a drink due to  the antibiotics regimen, and allegedly two days out from a breakup with her boyfriend of two years? J-Law, if you weren’t my idol already….
Taylor Swift Is Not Amused. Tommy Lee Jones Is Not Impressed
What’s got Swift’s goose? Her predictable loss to Adele? Tina Fey’s good advice disguised as a dig? Loosen up, Taylor! As for Tommy Lee Jones, he’s Tommy Lee Jones. When is he EVER impressed?
Solid Improv Training Goes A Long Way
I feel as though I speak for us all (Tommy Lee Jones notwithstanding) when I say I could have watched Kristin Wiig and Will Farrell all night. Hilarious.
Sofia Vergara Loves Pepsi
And everyone else in America officially hates it.
The Cast of Downton Abbey Have Great Weed Biscuits
What do you mean Aziz Ansari was joking? Why would you ruin this for me??? Whatever, In my world, Michelle Dockery runs a successful side business crafting delectable homemade edibles and Aziz Ansari is her most enthusiastic new customer.
Ben Affleck Would Have Been the Frontrunner For Oscar
After picking up the BFCA for director and picture, and now the Golden Globe for both as well, if Affleck was nominated for an Oscar, “Argo” would not only be the Best Picture frontrunner, but Affleck would be considered the heavy favorite to call himself an Academy Award winning director come February 24th. But thanks to Oscar ballot deadline changes and numerous other potential x factors, Affleck doesn’t have a shot at that particular gold. Still makes you wonder if this overwhelming good will towards Ben will actually defy the stats that say “Argo” has no shot without a Best Director nod and pave the way to the film’s victory. And maybe even a write-in campaign…?
Lea Michele Thinks That’s a Real Skin Color
It’s not.
The Internet Does NOT like Anne Hathaway
Maybe it’s because of her accusation that the BFCAs were gauche the other night, or maybe it was her using a “Les Mis” producer’s time on stage to thank her agents, but the internet seems to be slowly but surely turning against Ms. Hathaway, complaints of entitlement running rampant. Sure, Hathaway may have some of that classic theater kid manic energy about her, but it’s obvious she means well. How sweet was that tribute to Sally Field?! She thanked Tina Fey for the word “blerg!” Not to mention, she truly deserves all the accolades being heaped upon her for her heart wrenching performance as Fantine. Don’t lose faith now, Internets!
One Of The Evening’s Producers Has Definitely Seen “Chloe”
And decided to be a super creepster about it by holding on Amanda Seyfried during Julianne Moore’s speech.
It’s Possible To Have A Wildly Entertaining Awards Ceremony
Perhaps the biggest takeaway of the evening was that watching an awards telecast can actually be a great time. The right hosts, the right winners, the right jokes, the right energy, with nothing superfluous or poorly executed to distract, the Golden Globes have thrown down the gauntlet and Seth McFarlane has a lot to live up to when he steps on stage next month to host the one awards show to rule them all. All eyes on you, Oscar. Don’t eff it up