Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Multimedia Jigsaw Puzzle? Yes plz.

So since I'm backing roughly 872 projects on Kickstarter right now, I get a lot of info from them pretty constantly, but today's newsletter stood out. One of the featured projects is something referred to as a multimedia jigsaw puzzle...I obviously had to investigate. And here's what I uncovered.

Jau Kenworthy & Rob Allmand, two Brits? living in Texas, got together to create a multiplatform mystery that involves music, a novella, an audio book, and online components, taking the idea of a "mystery book" to a whole new level.

From the Kickstarter,

Howard Glitch is an alchemical story told through 3 different mediums as:

THE SOUND [Music E.P.] &
THE SIGHT [Visual Artwork]....

Each piece of media tells the story from a radically different perception, ultimately opening it up in a way that lets you decide WHAT THE HELL ACTUALLY HAPPENED INSIDE THAT SHUTTLEBUS???

₪₪₪ THE PLOT ₪₪₪

A group of unfortunate passengers are trapped on a spaceshuttle flight that is headed for a fatal destination.. The only person with the power to turn the shuttle around, is Howard The Decider, who has fallen asleep at the wheel, miles away in the safety of his space station. But not all of the passengers believe that this event is happening by accident, nor without purpose, and so what unfolds is a tense drama of survival and shifting perceptions, that also introduces the themes of existentialism, alchemy, quantum mechanics, and the power of the human spirit to create hope in a chronically hopeless space…

Interesting, no?

Watch this video to get more of an idea

I don't know these guys in any way, but this project has certainly piqued my interest - so much so that I'm considering donating 30 bucks so I can get a physical copy of the finished product. If this seems cool to you, I encourage you to donate as well! A lot of the time projects like this depend on complete strangers stumbling across them and deciding to help out.

Click here to head to the actual Kickstarter page if you feel compelled to help out!